We told it FIRST it was only a matter of time.

No matter WHAT the manufacturers do, in the end, in car telematics will ALL be OWNED by Apple and the myriad of mobile devices coming from the 'Cupertino Cult'.

Don't believe it?

Well answer this question and then you will.

What would you rather have?

A bill for $2000+ of your hard earned dollars for crappy in headrest screens that are only capable of playing DVD's or to use some obsolete game consoles and a separate crippled net bill every month from a car company...or would you rather have a super clean in car interface/connection that allows you to plug in your iphone/ipad and future devices and have FULL access to everything and app they offer?

Do i have to even answer the question for you?

Well, good news!

Today, BMW is indirectly sounding the death-knell of those obsolete systems with the first oem seat cradles for your iPad.

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for upcoming magical in car experiences.

Believe us when we tell you it's only the beginning if the most exciting time in the history of in car telematics.

And once again, BMW is first to the party.

They GET it.

Great job!

And once again, you've seen it FIRST at the number one site in the world for auto

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PARIS MOTOR SHOW: BMW Sounds The Death-knell Of Rear DVD Screens With First OEM iPad Seat Cradles

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