Who DOESN'T want to save gas in this crazy financial rollercoaster we're all on?

And who DOESN'T want an affordable vehicle with crazy good gas mileage?

So if something came to market that only met those two markers would it even matter about any other attribute that it would or would not have?

Quick answer. The way things are going, probably not.

So enter the 2022 Ford Maverick.

It was definitely one of the vehicles we looked forward to most this year test.

Did it deliver and are the other reviews you're reading or watching being truthful or just advertorials?

As I said earlier, what's NOT to like about a vehicle that gets mid 40's-50mpg if you're careful, has a great amount of utility and in principle, is 'affordable'?

We really liked the way it drove, the interior cabin space is great (I'm 6'5" and I fit better in the truck than in many much larger vehicles). Front seat area winner, winner, chicken dinner.

It's one of those rides where you forget it's a truck and you would have no issue driving 4-500 miles in a day in. The seats are some of the most comfortable ones you'll sit on even though they are basic.

Oh, and did we mention you'd do that 4-500 mile drive EASILY on one tank of gas? And have plenty of space to store your gear in?

You will absolutely love the interior even on lower models. Great color choices and material mixes.

And the gas mileage is INSANELY great. 40-50mpg depending on your driving talents. I even got OVER 50 on a couple of runs. But I'm a better driver than all of you. ;)

Is it perfect?


But nothing at ANY price is.

So tell us 001 what is its BIGGEST flaw?

It has two.

1. The back seat space. Perfectly fine for two small passengers but our guess is the person who buys one wants it mostly for business storage and or DOGS. And if you see the floor, it would be impossible for say the Auto Spies Mascot ACE (German Shepherd), to sit comfortably on the floor on a long drive. The individual storage components in the floor cannot come out and let you use all that floor space. In the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup you can take that storage piece out and have access to the whole floor which is much better. What ISN'T much better in the Santa Cruz is that there is no hybrid, only an ICE version that gets a MISERABLE 21MPG around town so we would never consider buying one UNTIL there is a Hybrid or Plug-in version. But we hear 2023 brings a Hybrid Santa Cruz. So we'll see.

2. Ford advertises the hybrid starts at $19,995 but your chances of getting one of those is an equation most likely solved by a Matt Damon, Good Will Hunting type, genius mathematician. Or getting any other model hybrid for anywhere near sticker no matter what the Ford PR tweeters tell you. My dealer called me a week ago with a $32k Lariat that he said I could have for $45k. NOT kidding.

So on whole, I loved the new Maverick and IF I could have gotten a 28k and change hybrid for MSRP I'd have one in my stable right now.

One other side note...

I had one issue I'm sure that will get ironed out but drove me nuts during the week I had it. When using CarPlay, i kept seeing this menu drop down, then disappear at EVERY stop and go situation.


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