No market today is more competitive or coveted than the full size pickup market.

And not to be boring but you all know Ford's F-150 is the leader in the segment.

But the worst thing that could happen is that they get fat, lazy and happy, play defense and sit on the lead.

And our sources tell us that no one knows that better than Ford and they are NOT sitting back hi-fiving each other in Dearborn.

We're told the changes coming will be even more fast and furious so they not only hold their lead but move even further than the competition.

The rumors floating out of Motown are that this will be a short year for the 2019 F-150 and we're weeks away from the announcement of a major refresh of the pickup for the 2020 model year.

And just the Atlas stole the show away from the new GM pickups last time, Ford is planning on doing the same again shortly.

We're told to look for a more radical, larger looking face than the leaked 2021 Ranger image we showed today, and all new interior with Tesla size large screen option, new trim editions and even more safety/autonomous tech.

All exciting news for truck lovers.

So we ask...if the new face is a more radical version of THIS, is it a WINNER in your eyes?

RUMOR! If The Face Of The 2020 Ford F-150 Looked Like A More Radical Version Of This, Is It A Winner?

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