Rivian made a big splash at the auto shows a while back showing their Electric pickup truck and suv.

They also made further news by getting hefty investments from Amazon and Ford.

And of course, the little lemming left biased auto media INSTANTLY was in LOVE declaring THESE were the Tesla KILLERS!

We looked at them at Auto Spies and thought who REALLY wants a fully electric truck in a traditional old school body. And a rather BLAND looking one at that.

I mean look at this's like they made the original Honda Ridgeline into a Disney ride. It's kooky.

And NOT very manly. Can you imagine that thing side by side with a Raptor at a signal light? Like Pee-Wee Herman next to Rambo.

But it kept gaining momentum in the media. You know the ones. The ones who live in Manhattan and can't afford to rent an apartment by themselves, living off freebies and who would NEVER buy one of these even if they could afford one.

And THEN, BOOM, Elon drops the CyberTruck on everyone and these little minions sh_t a BRICK.

Far out, futurisic, badass, plain insanity forged out of metal.

So the question is now that both have been announced, is very simple.

Looking at both pickups...Rivian and Cybertruck. Do you honestly think any reasonable amount of buyers are going to raise their hands and say "I'll take the LAME looking one please!"?

Spies, discuss...

*Full disclosure, I DO have a CyberTruck on order.

Rivian Pickup VS. Tesla Cybertruck. HONESTLY, Is ANYONE REALLY Going Choose The LAME looking One?

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