It seems that the Ferrari California mule that's been testing for quite sometime has good reason to be receiving such exhaustive work outs around Fiorano and around Ferrari's headquarters. That's because the modifications that Ferrari has in store are MUCH more extensive than what was originally thought.

At least that's the latest word on the street.

According to a FerrariChat forum goer who has an "in" associated with Ferrari, some really interesting information has come to light. Their source went to a dealer conference in Maranello back in November and had A LOT of details to share. On the surface, it sounds like there will be some extensive body work done to this revamped California to bring it more inline with the prancing horse's new understandings of aerodynamics AND it will also benefit from a MUCH more powerful forced induction V8 motor good for a whopping 560 horsepower.

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From FerrariChat's "SAT4RE":

Hey all. This weekend, I was able to speak to a person closely associated with Ferrari, who was at a dealer conference in Maranello on November 11. He saw the new car. For starters, it WILL be called California. Now, here are the further details he disclosed to me. 3.8L 560hp Twin Turbo V8. It will have a more aggressive front, with larger side intakes in the grill. The headlights were described as a mix between the F12 and FF. They follow the edge of the body work (have a crease in them), and apparently look cool. The reverse hood scoop of the F12 will be seen on the hood, but smaller. There will not be any other vents on the hood (I've seen some drawings with them reflected on the left and right side of the hood...that will not be the case). There will not be an Air Bridge, but the F12 coves on the side of the body work will be shared. In front of the door (where the cove is the biggest and deepest) will be a vent (this will appear bigger and more prominent then the little side vents on the current Cali). As for the rear, they've managed to give it a flatter look. When you look at the current Cali's rear straight on at eye level, you see a slight rise in the middle. This will be flat and more reminiscent of the F12's. It will not share the F12's rear in regards to that center curved aero feature. The tail lights will remain more-or-less the same. Now, if you look at the F12 rear, the new California's exhaust will appear basically the same (side-by-side). Where the F12's rear center has that aero feature that curves down to the bottom of the car, the new California's will not. Instead, the lower body line (look at a photo of a red F12's rear and look at the lower black part where the exhaust is located)...that black section will continue straight across. Continue looking at the photo of the F12 rear. The new California's marker lights will be moved from the F12's position, outward to the edges of the rear. As for the interior, it will be entirely new. There is also an upgraded infotainment system that allows some sort of interesting interface with an iPod type device and the center console (honestly, that bit of info didn't interest me, and I tuned it out). I specifically asked if this was like a 360 to 430 type of change, or if the new California was a more dramatic change. The answer was that it was NOT like the 360 to 430 refresh, but, in fact, is a dramatic change. Finally, it was stated that the new California is going to be a big winner... zero reservations from the observer on this point. Hope you all find this as interesting as I did.

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