One thing that separates AutoSpies from the other automotive publications today are two things.

One, we don't mind making calls and sticking our necks out on the line. We're not going to kowtow to anyone for advertising reasons and we take pride in tellng the story as it is for the benefit of YOU, the consumer.

Two, we really pride ourselves on spotting trends. What better place to do so than at the annual SEMA show held in Las Vegas?

2019 SEMA Preview

Every year the good, the bad and the ugly show up to Sin City so that ideas can be shared, and all-new aftermarket accessories and parts can be seen for the first time.

You have to remember that the aftermarket has become big business. Really big business. From wheels to exhausts to body kits to wraps, there's plenty of ways to personalize your auto.

Since the SEMA show is the number one place to spot all-new trends, we were left wondering: What MODS or TRENDS do you predict for 2019?

Let us know in the comments below, Spies!

2019 SEMA Preview

#SEMA Is Going To Be HOT, HOT, HOT — What Mods Or Trends Do YOU Predict For 2019?

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