This week the refreshed Genesis G90 was revealed to a private collection of attendees in Korea.

According to the latest intelligence, the G90 will make its public debut on November 27.

We assume this will be in Korea and, perhaps, also timed for an unveil at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS), in parallel.

From what we understand, this G90 will merely be a refresh and a quick styling overhaul to make the flagship Gensis more fresh. As evidenced by the two sketches of the G90, it will get more dramatic changes to enhance its look and give it some panache.

Usually, I can start getting a vibe about a particular vehicle or design pretty soon after seeing sketches or even three-dimensional renders. This, on the other hand, leaves me a bit...speechless.

And I don't think it's in the good way.

Having said that, Spies, I wanted to present you with the sketches and teaser shot for YOU to weigh in: What do YOU make of the refreshed Genesis G90?

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SKETCHED OUT + TEASED! The Refreshed Genesis G90 Slips Out And We're NOT Sure What To Think...

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