The Spies were dodging mosquitoes the size of Kim Kardashian's butt near Ann Arbor Michigan this week getting an advance preview of Chrysler product for the 2014 model year.

We can't tell or show you ALL of what we saw as there is an embargo until September 1st but we CAN show you these GREAT exclusive shots of some REALLY cool Jeep Wrangler concepts done by Mopar.

Our favorite was the 'Battleship' Concept and we think it will be yours as well.

If you thought the 10th Anniversary Rubicon was the coolest Jeep yet, they may have just sunk your BATTLESHIP!

Full 2014 Jeep Concept Gallery

They wouldn't say if any of these will ever make production but we'll put our dough on the Battleship.

Check out the other gems like the bright orange Grand Cherokee eco-diesel, Anvil RAM Superman Concept and Jeep Flattop...AND don't miss the rear bumper on the Battleship Concept that turns the 'J' in Jeep into a bottle opener!

Full 2014 Jeep Concept Gallery

SPIED! 2014 Jeep Concepts Break Cover Early! If You Thought The 10a Was Cool They May Have Sunk Your BATTLESHIP!

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