The Acura MDX use to be an sport-utility vehicle that 001 says slayed the competition. Now it's merely an also ran that essentially gets bought because it's one of the few vehicles on the road today that has three LATCH connections in the second row.

But as much heat as Acura and Honda have been taking in recent years, it is not going to take it sitting down anymore. And recent spy images show that Acura has set its benchmark high. BMW X5 high.

If it can design something that has the panache of the new NSX Concept and package it with the family friendliness it's already known for, maybe Acura will once again dominate the class.

Current speculation is pointing to a hybrid all-wheel drive set up. Essentially, it is rumored to boast an electric motor that will be able to generate positive/negative torque to the rear wheels whilst cornering. Engines will likely be of the V6 persuasion given the rising cost of fuel, in addition to Acura's reluctance to anything but sixes.

A well-disguised prototype of the next-generation Acura MDX sports-utility vehicle has been caught testing in Germany. It was reportedly being benchmarked against the BMW X5 on public roads close to the Nürburgring.

That the MDX was being measured against BMW’s popular five-door 4x4 gives some indication where the Honda-owned brand wants is position the third-generation machine, which won’t be offered in Europe...

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SPIED: Acura's Next-Gen MDX SPOTTED Testing With The BMW X5 - What Will It NEED To Stand A Chance Against The BMW?

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