The Mercedes-Benz E-Class, since the mid 1990s, had always been a unique-looking three-pointed star. Equipped with quad headlights and a differentiated design, it was a cool Benz.

Now though it seems that the German marque has decided to take a more streamlined direction. That was first seen with the current-gen E's redesign and now with the all-new model it's going in an entirely new direction.

Fitting in between the company's other two core models — the S-Class and the C-Class — it looks like Mercedes is going to deploy the same sausage, different length philosophy.

The facade appears heavily inspired by the C-Class and it has nice sweeping lines along its side profile a la the S.

As of now we have yet to see the E's upcoming interior, so you'll have to hang tight there.

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SPIED: BEST Look Yet At The All-New Mercedes-Benz E-Class — Get A Peek At Its All-New Mug

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