As always, we're keeping on top of the latest breaking spy shots emerging from abroad. While a lot of other publications have their respective sources, we personally like what comes from overseas. That's because a lot of them are WAY ahead of what's being talked about on U.S. shores.

The latest example is the Chrysler 300. In these never-before-seen spy shots, it's clear that Chrysler Group has some improvements coming to the company's flagship sedan.

As seen in other Chrysler Group products, it will benefit from a much larger infotainment screen where Uconnect is home. In addition, check out the new wheels and tires. Though they appear rather narrow, it's clear that the company will be providing some snazzier wheel options to choose from.

The most prominent feature is the facade that's hidden quite well. If you look closely though, it's very clear that Chrysler is going to be providing an all-new, honeycomb front grille that will feature the winged Chrysler logo.

Considering all of the typical chrome trim is blacked out, we presume this will be one of two things:

1) A blacked-out special edition akin to what Jeep offers on its models; or
2) A new sport model — clearly this is not an SRT as its brakes are too small and its tires are too narrow.

Anyway you slice it, Chrysler Group appears to be working hard in the styling department to get your eyes' attention.

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SPIED: Chrysler's 300 Getting Freshened Up To Take On The Competition — Notice The Changes?

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