If someone were to ask a car nut what was one of the worst cars ever built, there's a good chance the Aston Martin Lagonda would come to mind. Assuming of course they knew of it — less than 700 exist.

In my opinion, it wasn't so easy on the eyes. But aside from the philosophical debate, it was known for being problematic. And when I say problematic, I mean the car's electronic system was complete junk. Although it was meant to be a futuristic take on an auto's interior space, it was actually a 101 course on how a car company should not build an interior.

I have seen one in my life and when you see it, there's no mistaking it. You know a Lagonda when you see one. And though Aston has built yet another sedan in form of the sexy Rapide, it turns out they may be concocting something else.

That would be, yes, a Lagonda.

**To see the FULL series of spy pictures, click the link!

Seen here in spy photos for the very first time, the car's specifics are somewhat up in the air. According to what we've heard, the vehicle is based off the Rapide's platform — obviously stretched — and will boast a V12 powerplant.

Thanks to some digging via Auto Express, this is the latest:


An Aston Martin spokesman told us: “I can confirm that this is one of a bespoke series of coach built cars and as we’ve said before, much is possible through Q by Aston Martin –including bespoke offerings, just like CC100 - this is another example. We cannot say any more at this time.”

How about that? It will be interesting to see the final result as we have yet to see anything done by Q we don't like.

As a reminder of what the program is capable of, check out the shots of the CC100 below.

And, as a remind as to how bad the original Lagonda was, check out this clip hosted by Top Gear's James May.

**To see the FULL series of spy pictures, click the link!

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