If you've been following the latest BMW models, it's getting clear as day.

The Bavarian marque has been upping the size of its two front kidney grilles.

The kidney grilles have been iconic for the blue and white brand. This is one of the differentiating qualities that makes a BMW differentiated straight away.

There's just one thing: The automaker seems to be struggling with improving and making the front grille more impactful. At least that's what we thought in recent years. It turns out that the Polizei 144 Facebook page recently received some all-new spy shots featuring the 8-Series and X7. It's hard to believe that BMW is already reworking these models as they're soon to hit showrooms, but that's German ingenuity for you!

See the FIRST spy shots of the refreshed 8-Series and X7, below!

NOTE: We're not sorry if you lack a sense of humor.

OK, OK. Now that the joke's been had, check out the Instagram below, which shows you two glimpses at the refreshed, 2020 BMW 7-Series.

Just a head's up, the embargo on the 2020 BMW 7-Series breaks tomorrow morning. We'll update you then, Spies.

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SPIED! Next-gen Design Language For Future BMWs Spotted On REFRESHED 2020 7-Series!

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