If you look at the Audi product portfolio, it's clear the German company is taking its time with some of its updates. While the TT, R8, A4, A5 and Q7 have been given all-new revisions, there's still a couple lagging.

One of those vehicles would be the Q5, which has seen much success in The States. So, what's taking so long?

We're not sure but what we do know is that there have been a couple test mules spotted out and about. In my neck of the woods in New Jersey, where Volkswagen Auto Group has a testing facility, some interesting all-new products have been spotted. One of them was the next-gen Q5 but it was camo'd head-to-toe. In addition, I saw the all-new A5 Sportback around the block from my residence.

In these all-new shots sent to us by Twitter user @VinceV, that's not much of a concern. That's because Vince's shots show the all-new Q5 with next to nothing. Vince snapped these pics in New Mexico, which explains the rather desolate look.

Looking at the next-gen Q5 closely, it's clear this will be an evolution in terms of design. This shouldn't come as much of a shock given the all-new A4. What you will notice on the inside is a large screen a la the A4 atop the Q5's center stack and the seats appear to be lifted from the A4 as well — note the headrests. Around the front the facade gets more angular and angry a la the Q7 sport-utility vehicle. The Q5's backside remains largely similar but is more refined. Personally, I like the dual exhaust that's integrated into the rear clip.

SPIED On The STREET! This Is The All-New Audi Q5 As NAKED As It Gets!

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