Porsche's 911 has always been criticized as sticking to the same generic formula for far too long. And surprise! The 998 seems to continue the 911 tradition. But, why fix something that is not broken?

Spied doing some winter testing is the next generation 911, dubbed the 998. Said to be longer and wider, it is pretty evident if you look at the little details -- the C-pillar and rear windscreen -- that the car's proportions have been modified slightly.

Heavily camouflaged is the rear spoiler, which is going to inherit technology from the Panamera. Boy, do I wish they would bring back a 993-inspired "whale tail."

Autocar is expecting sales to begin in the summer of 2012.

Autocar reports:

"These are the latest spy pictures or Porsche’s next-generation 911 in winter testing.

The 998 model will replace the 997, which itself is just a thorough facelift of the previous 996 model. Construction will be a mix of steel and aluminium, and some components will be shared with the smaller Cayman and Boxster to keep costs down.

The disguise indicates that styling changes will be kept to a minimum, but Porsche sources have previously told Autocar that almost every panel will be new. The only carry-over parts will be the frameless doors from the cabriolet version..."

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SPIED: Porsche's New 911 Spotted During Winter Testing

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