One vehicle that's been given quite a bit of attention and look into the future of Porsche is the Mission E concept vehicle.

Last seen in Cross Turismo guise, it made quite a bit of noise at the Geneva Motor Show.

This will be the first fully electric vehicle that Porsche produces. And, as Tesla continues to march on, the boys and girls from Stuttgart have a lot to prove.

Otherwise they'll just look silly going up against TSLA and losing, because that company is essentially a startup.

But rather than get into that sort of conversation, the latest word on the street we've heard from our internal Porsche Spies suggest that there's more to take away from the Mission E Cross Turismo. According to what we've been hearing, the design cues used on that concept car will help shape the next-gen Cayenne and Macan vehicles. In addition, it will also influence other upcoming products.

IF that's true, we've got to ask: Would YOU give this design move two thumbs UP or DOWN? Weigh in below, Spies!

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