Every once and a while something truly funny that happens in the automotive industry. And, to be straightforward, for a space that takes itself way too serious and is full of rather miserable people, we relish these moments.

Life isn't to be taken too seriously, folks. None of us get out of it alive.

Just the other day a Twitter user who has since deleted his profile posted a shot claiming it was the all-new Land Rover Defender's interior. If you closely inspected its details, yeah, it looked legit as can be. I'd even venture to say it seems production ready.

See below for yourself. Check out the screens, the shifter, the trim. It's all ready to ship.

After the image posted, however, that wasn't the end of the story. That's because a public relations "pro" from Land Rover tweeted at the user saying:

"How about you now remove this image that you’ve publicly stated you shouldn’t post. Legal team are on the way."

While initial speculation focused on whether or not the image was real, erm, that essentially confirms it for you. The automakers never reach out and threaten legal action unless there's something real there.

Ask me how I know!

Having said all of that, what do YOU make of the leaked Defender image? Does it look REAL to you? Is it production ready? Do YOU want one?

We don’t know much about the 2020 Land Rover Defender other than the fact that it’s got the basic boxy silhouette off-road enthusiasts are fond of. But today, a clear picture of what sure looks like the new Defender dashboard popped up on Twitter, and we know that it’s real because Land Rover’s people are not happy.

The picture was posted to Twitter by a user by the name of Robert Charles, whose Twitter description says that he designs jewelry inspired by motorsport...

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SPIED! The Land Rover Defender's LEAKED Interior Shot Causes An Online Ruckus

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