Although the all-new Mercedes-Benz E-Class debuted at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS), that's not it for the E. There's more!

Since the E-Class sedan's successful unveiling, we've now started to see the all-new, E-Class Coupe. Given that the C-Class and S-Class have had success with their respective coupes, it only makes sense that the company would continue with the formerly known CLK and last-gen E-Class Coupe.

While the all-new E Coupe is clearly camouflaged head-to-toe, it's pretty evident it will keep with the company's current design theme of "same sausage, different lengths" attitude. That means it will follow the E-Class sedan's lead and take creative license from the all-new C-Class Coupe and big daddy S-Class Coupe. As of now there's no word if a convertible will be born.

In this very first clip, scope out the all-new E Coupe as it is captured in live action doing the rounds during developmental testing.

SPY VIDEO - Das neue Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse Coupé (C238) der neuen E-Klasse (W213), Markteinführung voraussichtlich im Jahr 2017. The new Mercedes E-Class Coupe (C238) of the new E-Class (W213), market launch in the year 2017 / 2018 spotted on the road.

SPIED + VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz's E-Class COUPE Caught On Camera And In Action For The FIRST Time!

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