There are SO many great things about the great ole USA.

Almost too many to mention.

We are the envy of the world for so many things and today's Super Bowl is just another example of how the eyes of the world will focus on one our countries great events.

And it's not just any sporting event.

It's the greatest sporting event on the planet.

Today, everyone will bring their 'A' game.

Including the car companies advertising.

So we thought a great question for discussion today would be:

If a friend wanted your recommendation for a truly American vehicle to buy today, WHICH one would you choose?

It must be stylish, iconic, high quality, best of breed and truly unique.

And also remember there are a lot of NEW American cars that are just coming out that are the best ever from a number of companies.

What is your choice or choices?

Spies, discuss...

The Spies wish the Packers and Steelers the best and are extremely proud to be American.

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SUPER SUNDAY: WHAT Truly American Vehicle Would YOU Recommend To A Friend TODAY?

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