BMW M fans who use Android phones are in for a treat as Samsung is about to release the Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition. This limited-edition smartphone results from a collaboration between BMW Korea and SK Telecom. The partnership has allowed for the integration of BMW's iconic design elements and high-performance engineering into the Galaxy S23 Ultra flagship phone, creating a device that is both aesthetically pleasing and technically advanced.


The design of the Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition is based on the heritage of the BMW M brand. The special die-casting package pays homage to the first-generation M3 model, the M3 E30, which first appeared in 1986. The hard-cover phone case takes inspiration from the bonnet and vertical kidney grill of the current sixth-generation M3 model. In addition, the device features a dedicated booting video that plays a three-color stripe logo symbolizing BMW M and a unique M-specific theme screen.

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Samsung Releases BMW M Edition Galaxy S23 Vanity Phone

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