This month's print version of AutoWeek on page 22 we saw a short blurb about the new Lexus IS-F so unbelievable that we had to read it twice.

Hopefully the AutoWeek got either confused or were still suffering from jet lag, but right there in print mixed in with Detroit Auto Show Coverage is the following about the IS-F:

"The car has a top speed of 200 mph...Toyota will build less than 1000 for the United States."

This performance aspect actually contradicts our generally accepted top speed of about 160 mph from the high performance version of the IS. While we feel AutoWeek may have been confused with the LF-A, we certainly hope the IS-F is not limited to less than 1000 copies.

After all if Lexus intends to be serious about taking on the BMW M Cars, the quantity will need to be higher than this to be considered a serious contender.

Any thoughts?

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Say It Isn't So: Lexus To Limit IS-F Production to Under 1000 Units?

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