When the new Toyota Tundra pickup came out all of the mainstream media PANNED the design (except ofr Auto Spies) which should have been the FIRST indicator it would be a success.

It's almost a GIVEN that when they give an opinion or make a prediction nine out of ten times they're going to be wrong.

Remember when Motor Trend gave the Chevy Volt the car of the year?

Or when they said the BMW X6 would flop?

Or when the major rags called the Audi E-Tron a TESLA-KILLER?

We could go on but the subject here is the new Tundra pickup.

Here was OUR call and what we said:

Are People UNDERESTIMATING The Impact Of The Redesigned 2022 Toyota Tundra? And Are HATERS Of The New Look MISSING The Point?

IF you read many of the first impressions, the traditional F-150/Silverado?Ram lovers are dissing the new look.??But we ask are they missing the point and is this a REALLY GREAT redo for them???Why do I say that???Think about it. Their Tacoma (which I personally hate and is one of the MOST disappointing daily drivers you'll ever hit the start button on) has a following that the Tundra team DREAMS about. We'd venture to say it's got the MOST cred to the general public than ANY other thing they sell in volume. People are WACKO nuts about the Tacoma. ESPECIALLY, the youth. Just come to SoCal and drive down the coast if you don't believe us. ?

We think this will the MOST successful Tundra EVER. Just you watch.”

Well, we can safely say we are seeing the new Tundra's everywhere! I think people forget how awful looking the last one was and what an improvement this is compared to the outgoing generation.

Now we're not saying it's amazing or class leading but OMG, it's NIGHT AND DAY better than the old TURD. Sorry, TRD.

Are you seeing the same thing in YOUR area?

Say What You Want About The Look Of The New Toyota Tundra But We're Seeing Them Everywhere! Just Like We Predicted We Would.

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