So one of the biggest auto questions out there is now that the 2021 Ford Bronco and 2021 F-150 launches had to be cancelled due to Wuhan Virus/Covid-19 WHEN should they launch the products.

Some say wait till everyone is back and economy rolling again but think about it. If you want to reach the MOST people, would RIGHT NOW be the best time?

People have plenty of time on their hands.

Do a virtual launch and do some great ads on the networks, streaming outlets, FB, Twitter, AUTO SPIES, etc.

You have a captive audience sitting there WAITING for interesting things!

We say to Ford, DO IT first thing after this holiday weekend. And then, keep people updated every step of the way.


Should FORD Introduce BRONCO And NEW F-150 RIGHT NOW? In The World Of Social Media Sharing And Viral News Are Traditional Launches Even NEEDED Anymore?

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