We've been waiting Audi's all-new design language to debut.

The first vehicle to introduce the Marc Lichte era is the all-new Audi A8.

While you can see it for the very first time in the all-new Spiderman flick, which opened in theaters yesterday, we're going to have to hang on a bit longer. That's because the next-gen A8 will be revealed at an Audi event in Barcelona on Tuesday.

That doesn't mean the company has abandoned the "slow reveal."

While we've been getting dribbles of pictures and info about the car via clever videos and images, we're getting a bit antsy. Seen in the latest clip, we get the best view yet of the A8's all-new "face," and another look at its side profile and rear taillights.

Although it's far from what we'd like to see, it will have to suffice until Tuesday. Hang in there, Spies!

By the way, we know Audi probably paid a boatload for the Spiderman product placement but do they really have to keep beating us over the head with it? Christ.

Als erstes Serienmodell zeigt der neue A8 die künftige Designsprache der Vier Ringe. Und die ist alles andere als gewöhnlich: #ForgetTheUsual. Sehen Sie hier erste Bilder des neuen Designs.

Bevor er sich auf dem
#AudiSummit offiziell zeigt, können Sie den Audi A8 übrigens exklusiv im neuen Spider-Man Film erleben! #SpiderManHomecoming

TEASED! Audi Reveals MORE Than Ever Of Its All-new A8, Launch Comes Tuesday

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