Not long after the Tesla Cybertruck launched, owners began reporting corrosion spots on their trucks' stainless steel bodies. With no official explanation, the rusty-looking dots snowballed into a debacle that has been covered by major mainstream media outlets. Now, Tesla has finally responded, casting doubts onto reports of rust spots—though at least one owner indicates the issue hasn't been put to bed.
The rust reports began earlier this year with posts on social media and Tesla owner forums, showing small reddish-brown dots on the surface of Cybertrucks' bodies. The community attributed these blemishes to fine iron particles scattered on the vehicles during manufacturing or shipping. The phenomenon isn't unique to the Cybertruck, but it is one highlighted by its reflective steel body. At the time, we spoke to an affected owner and elected not to report on the trend as owners had identified a remedy. Since then, however, a Tesla official has endorsed the community's bandaid fix, even though it doesn't seem to work perfectly.


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Tesla Claims Surface Rust Spots On Cybertruck Are Normal - Get Over It

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