"Remember, we're not necessarily just selling at the premium end. We're going to have electric vehicles affordable at $30,000."

GM's Mary Barra

Are those famous last words?

Seems like it to us.

For a company that sold like 7 EV's in Q1 this "we will sell more than Tesla in a couple years because WE will be making affordable $30k base price starting units.

This seems unattainable for a couple reasons.

1. Elon promised that years ago and it's probably NEVER coming because based on today's tech. $30k would be hard to hit.

2. Have you seen what you GET for $30k in the market TODAY?

So can you IMAGINE IF the bring out a $30k base product how SH_TTY is going to have to be?

It seems like this SAME company promised to build an affordable economy car that would get back all the market share they lost to Japan. That BEAUTY was the Chevrolet Chevette. And it was possible the WORST American product of its time. MAYBE of ALL time.

Will they RE-USE the name? Call it the Ch-EV-ette? Starting price $30k!

Remember when Toyota tried to do the same thing with the Prius 'C'? Or as we all know it the #WORSTPRIUSEVER

Now let's ask the NEXT question.

Do people REALLY want to buy a $30k truly SH_TTY EV?

I mean do YOU LUST or WANT a Nissan Leaf?

Get where we're going here?

It just seems like we will wake up WHEN these STRIPPIE GM EV's hit the market and the world will look at them and ask #WheresTheBeef?

So let's have some fun...

DESCRIBE what a $30k base price GM will look like and what will be included on the cars? Roll down windows? Manual seat adjusters? BLACKWALL tires? A/C? Yes or No?

Prognosticate away spies!

The New Ch-EV-ette? GM's Barra Keeps BRAGGING They Will Beat TESLA Because They Will Have MULTIPLE Pure Electrics For UNDER 30k. Can You IMAGINE How SH_TTY They Will Be in Today's Money?

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