With the release of plenty of new SUV models, it seems the battle of small, femme fighters is relatively hot with three luxury brands churning market share.

Mercedes-Benz’s GLK-class is doing extremely well year-to-date with sales, as of May, hitting 9,444 units.  Known for its angular design, inside and out, the GLK seems to be a relatively adaptable design, which can be made more manly with wise options and packaging.  Seemingly a direct X3 competitor, it is arguably the most interesting new offering brought to this market. 

The perennial safe bet and favorite in the small SUV realm is the Lexus RX.  Although it has been revamped inside and out, the average consumer will not be able to tell the difference from a 2009 on the road.  YTD sales, for 2010 models, have tacked on an impressive 6,997 units slotting just under Benz’s.  While you gain reliability and easy-to-use ergonomics, you lose some soul. 

Audi’s sporty and squat Q5 is the latest newcomer to the game.  After battling the competition with brutal advertising that hammers away at Lexus’ RX, it has made some progress.  YTD sales for the newbie registered in at a respectable 4,377 units.  Taking a surprising first place in Car and Driver’s battle, it is clear the Q5 has brought its “A” game. 

Looking around the New York City metro area, it has become evident that the Q5 is beginning to make a strong presence.  I nearly see a new, dealer temp tag Q5 daily.

So, my question for AutoSpies readers is which would you have?  Discuss. Photo Galleries

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The Spies Want To Know: Which Would You Have? Audi Q5, Lexus RX, MB GLK?

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