The iconic Wienermobile, known for its distinctive hot dog shape, was recently the victim of a catalytic converter theft in Chicago, Illinois. The theft occurred overnight in a parking lot and resulted in the vehicle being unable to start. The theft of catalytic converters, which are located under a vehicle's engine and contain precious metals, has become a growing problem across the United States.

The Wienermobile, which is operated by Oscar Mayer, is a staple of American pop culture and has been touring the country for decades to promote the company's products. The theft of the converter not only caused inconvenience for the Wienermobile's operators, but it also raises awareness of the growing trend of catalytic converter theft.

According to police, the theft of catalytic converters is a lucrative business for thieves due to the precious metals contained within them, including platinum, palladium, and rhodium. The theft is a quick and easy crime for thieves to commit, as the converters can be removed in just a few minutes with a saw or cordless drill.

The Wienermobile has since been repaired and is back on the road, spreading joy and spreading the word about Oscar Mayer's products. However, the theft serves as a reminder for vehicle owners to be vigilant and take steps to protect their vehicles from catalytic converter theft, such as installing security devices or parking in well-lit areas.

Investigators are looking to ketchup with the perpetrators.

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Thieves Caught Playing With Oscar's WIENER! The WIENERMOBILE That Is! But Heroes Took A Bite Out Of This CRIME!

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