Leave it to a pandemic or societal crisis to sober up a population and change their thinking moving forward from it.

MANY, are looking at what is going on and will probably start factoring emergency scenario readiness into their future car buying decisions.

And one of the car segments that will get hit the hardest from this is the market driven by EV sales.

The last thing you want to worry about in any emergency is HOW do I get energy for my car in case they need to leave in a hurry to protect themselves and loved ones.

Although things are getting easier in the electric car world regarding charging, the second a crisis hits all that is out the window.

So here's our take...The ONLY EV based company and vehicles that will survive in the USA and thrive, will be Tesla's.

For everyone else, it's pretty much #GameOver. Sure OTHER EV's will sell here and there, but NONE will get any meaningful traction, other than Elon's products.

Enter Rivian...YES, they have good investment money from Amazon and Ford but look at Tesla spending..that could be gone in a quarter.

So what's YOUR call Spies?

Will Rivian even SURVIVE once we come out of this strange time?

This Corona Pandemic Is Sure To Hurt EV Sales Going Forward. Our Question...Does RIVIAN Survive It?

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