The production of the Toyota Supra ended in 2002 leaving fans and tuning specialists with only the SC Soarer or the MR-S to toy with.

That’s about to change with talks of a new successor to the Supra about to make an entrance, besides the 086A that’s reportedly still in development. It has been discovered that the successor to the Supra continued its development in silence, giving priority to the 086A. The report says that almost all of the features of the Supra successor has come out of the design stage and has now entered development and will most probably be finished by the end of this year. It is speculated that power under the hood for the successor car will be the 3.51 V6 from the Lexus 450H and will most likely be joined with the present Toyota Crown hybrid system that generates 400hp and channels them to the wheels at the rear.

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Toyota Supra hybrid successor coming at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show!

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