While we're happy to get our hands on press vehicles at launches or for week-long period, to really understand how good a product is you need a long-term test. Simply put, if you do not actually own a product, it's hard to tell how it fairs out down the road.

One of the buff books, Car and Driver, has had its hands on a Yas Marina Blue BMW M3 for 30,000 miles now and while it may have been love at first sight, it's not sounding so positive right now.

Need further proof? Explore below.

... WHAT WENT WRONG: Much creaking and groaning and other perplexing noises have yielded few solutions. We’ve had the muffler worked on three times now, trying to get the exhaust flaps and actuators to function properly. It may be fixed or it may not; we’re not really sure what an M3 should sound like on cold startup, but if this is it, it’s too loud and unpleasant. The service department hasn’t been able to troubleshoot a howling noise we’ve been hearing intermittently when turning to the left at lower speeds. It sounds like Chewbacca is trapped under the hood, and different staffers have ascribed it to the steering rack, the brakes, or the suspension. The dealer did successfully cure a ticking noise we experienced under hard cornering by replacing both front wheel bearings...

Yikes. That doesn't sound all too good, folks.

While we know many of our users are Porschephiles, I'd be curious to hear if any of you new M3 and M4 owners out there have had any similar issues. Has your ride been OK from the get-go or have there been some issues that required some sorting out?

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UH OH! This Doesn't Sound Like Good News For A Long-Term BMW M3...

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