You surely remember how you felt the first time you got behind the wheel. It was anxiety and excitement and everything in between. The regulations on what age you must be to drive on roads differ depending on where you’re from, but learning to drive can be a challenging feat for some. A survey conducted by the UK-based Young Driver tries to answer a difficult question: “What is the best age to learn to drive?”

For me, everything was clear from a very young age – I wanted to learn to drive as soon as possible. Born and raised in a concrete jungle, I didn’t have the opportunity of learning to drive on non-public roads, so I had to wait until 18 to apply for driving school, as per Romanian regulations. But if it were possible, I would’ve loved to start learning and practicing earlier.

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UK Ponders If Allowing Kids To Be Behind The Wheel As Early As Age 10 Is A Good Idea

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