Someone at Toyota Mexico very well may be out of a job tonight. Seriously.

That's because a video has been posted to Twitter via Toyota Mexico and guess what the star is? It's the all-new, Toyota Supra that was set for a reveal at the start of the 2019 Detroit Auto Show.

CES Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

And while there's been a ton of leaked pictures of the all-new Supra, thereby ruining the surprise, we happen to know these automakers quite well. They NEVER want the car to reveal before its intended time.

Down to the minute.

If you've been waiting for this moment, well Spies, here you go! See the clip below while it's still posted.

Just to cover our butts we've also included screen grabs from the video clip below.

[UPDATE! The video has been removed.]

[UPDATE #2! Carscoops extracted the video from Twitter and uploaded it on their own channel. See the video, again, below!]

CES Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

[UPDATE!] #NAIAS: LEAKED! The All-new Toyota Supra Is Accidentally REVEALED And Some Are Saying It Looks GLORIOUS. Are They Right? Or, Brain Dead?

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