The boys from Petrolicious are at it again. In their weekly series, the team typically follows an enthusiast — possibly more — and gets into the nitty gritty about what makes them tick.

In one case it was the owner of the ultra lustworthy Lancia Stratos and how he adores the sounds it makes, even if they sound like a disaster in the making.

This time though we're not talking about a tried-and-true classic — God, I know someone will fight me on that comment. It's a car from the 1990s.

Ladies and gentleman, I introduce you to the second-generation Toyota MR2. Set up as a teeny mid-engined coupe, it was a way to get into an "exotic" without selling your kidney on the black market or having to worry about it self immolating.


For many, the "golden age" of motoring began in the late '60s and concluded in the very early '70s. It is easy to get caught up in the cars of that time period and overlook significant cars that came both earlier and later than this sweet spot of time that produced cars we all love. From time to time, we step outside of this realm to the explore the cars which stretch into as far as the early '90s—cars that will be talked about for years to come, like the Nissan Skyline and the BMW E30 M3. The MR2 is one of these cars.

Starting in 1984, Toyota, created a recipe for success by building a two-seater, mid-engine, rear-wheel drive car that offered performance well beyond its affordable price tag. With the first generation and its hard angular lines, Toyota continued the success into the second generation starting in 1989. The second-generation MR2 morphed into a more rounded and sculpted body and drew many comparisons in publications of the time as the "poor-man's Ferrari".

Many MR2 owners have a strong connection to their cars; for them, the MR2 isn't just a car to enjoy, it is a way of life. For the Texas MR2 Owners Club and especially for club member Masruque Murtoza Ali these words ring true. In this very active car community devoted to the MR2, it isn't unusual to see owners go out of their way to help each other in the repair of their cars or to promote their love for the MR2.

VIDEO: A BLAST From The PAST — The 1990s Poor Man's Ferrari, The Toyota MR2

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