It's hard to argue that Jaguar Land Rover hasn't been onto something in the past couple of years. After sales took a steep dive — looking at you, Jaguar — it seems the brand is going through a bit of a renaissance.

The company is still trying to find itself and it seems that it's making some progress.

Behind that push is the Director of Design, Ian Callum.

Though Callum's work is highly regarded by many, the folks that take concepts and make them real are typically safeguarded. Each automaker's corporate communications department ensures that they're kept locked away from prying eyes. And while there's no doubt this video footage was screened hundreds of times and edited, we do have to say it is nice to understand what makes Callum tick.

So, kick back and hit the play button.

Watch as Jaguar Director of Design Ian Callum discusses his life-long passion for car design in this personal and intimate film. From his humble beginnings as a car-obsessed child in Dumfries to his role at Jaguar, here is a rare chance to get to know the creative mind behind the Jaguar design process.

VIDEO: Have YOU Ever Wanted To Get Inside A Car Designer's Head? Understand Jaguar Land Rover's Ian Callum Like Never Before

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