With all of the hate on the long-awaited LF-A/LF-L, or whatever Toyota is calling it this week, it is interesting to hear an opinion from another auto journalist.  An experienced one, at that. 

Thomas Bangma, a Dutch journalist, goes on to say the LF-A is "the best car he has ever driven," and even goes as far as to rank it up in the same class as the McLaren F1 and Pagani Zonda.  After doing some research, it is clear that this chap has the chops to back up this claim.

Uhm, er.  But the same class as the McLaren F1? That has to be the boldest statement in auto news within the past 10 years.  Whether or not he is right or wrong, the whole LF-A fiasco has just heated up that much more.

Take a look below.

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