Listen, we have nothing against bicyclists or Lamborghini owners; however, I do have to say that I tend to find issues with a lot of them.

Take, for example, the guys with the grape smugglers riding side-by-side three or four across on a narrow, two-lane country road?

Or how about the obnoxious Lamborghini owner that insists on revving his orange-on-orange E-Gear at all the red lights in New York City?

Well, I may just have the creme de la creme for you. That's because in London there's been a supercar invasion with idiots from across the globe creating havoc in the city's streets. One bicyclist took matters into his own hands by intentionally cutting off the matte black Aventador. That seems a bit pointless, frankly.

But we have to ask: WHO's The BIGGER Douche? The Lambo owner or the cyclist?

What say you?

What is going on in LONDON?! People trying to PISS off every supercar owner?! Why are they treated so poorly? This behaviour needs to stop. This cyclist is an utter moron that probably goes back to his dinner party thinking he is some sort of HERO!

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