In the past 24 hours, Kanye West has released an all-new music video for a track called "Follow God." As the title already suggests, it's off West's latest record that was conceived as a gospel album.

This music video shows West with his father on one of his Wyoming ranches. At the end of the clip, West explains a newfound bond he discovered with his old man.

While we're not here to dive into West's religious or political beliefs, one thing we did notice in this clip is the rather large truck. There's no real way to describe it except from describing its look.

It looks like a short wheelbase piece of farm equipment that's used for heavy duty tasks. Do the monster truck tires give it away?

That said, we were curious: Does anyone actually know what it is? We kind of want one. Now.

VIDEO: What The Hell Is Kanye West DRIVING In His Latest Video? We WANT One!

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