It's one thing to be an enthusiast. It's another to be a total car geek. Where this guy fits into the spectrum, I have no idea.

All I know is, he must be the man.

When I had my wisdom teeth removed, the only thing I remember is having my jaw cracked so the surgeon could extract the teeth; however, this chap doesn't remember a thing. That's probably because he was too busy on the road.

Not sure what I mean, check it out down below...

CarAficionado24 says:

During my wisdom teeth removal, I must have been dreaming of hooning a car. This was recorded June of 2009 I believe. I don't remember anything from the surgery but I have been told I did this for the entire time I was under. Heavy anesthetics were used...

[Source: YouTube]

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VIDEO: Who Knew Driving Could Take Place During Surgery?

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