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‘Mean Green’ is a unique hybrid truck built by an enthusiastic team at Volvo Trucks. They plan to use it next spring to beat the world speed record for the standing kilometer, with Swedish truck racing ace, Boije Ovebrink behind the wheel.

“The experts in Volvo’s hybrid technology are the driving force behind the project. They are true enthusiasts, every last one of them. I’d go so far as to s ay ‘Mean Green’ is the world’s fastest hybrid truck,” said Ovebrink.

To understand how he can make this claim with such confidence, we need to rewind to November 2007. Ovebrink had just beaten his own standing kilometer record from 2001 for trucks with a maximum displacement of 16-liters. He achieved this by reaching an average speed of 158.829km/h (98.7mph) with his red Volvo NH16 (aka. ‘The Wild Viking’).

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