There is a downside to being too flashy in person and/or on social media, and that’s the fact that even people you don’t want to be paying attention to you will do it. A millionaire from Kuwait was attacked in London, and reports are saying that his flexing on social media may have had something to do with it.

London is not some lawless city, but it does seem to have a higher number of moped thief attacks than most European cities. Moped crime remains very high – and highly organized –, with a string of recent attacks targeting wealthy men for their designer watches.

It happened again at the weekend, when Abdullah F. Al Basman, described by the Daily Mail as a millionaire “playboy” from Kuwait, was targeted in traffic. Basman often posts photos and videos on his social media from his travels, which include glitzy stays in London and Paris – and his Bugatti Chiron, in a black and orange spec, takes center stage. He also makes no secret about his love of expensive timepieces.

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WATCH: Bugatti Window Smashed In Attempt To Steal Rolex Watch In London

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