If you've been following InsideEVs and Tesla news for some time, you may be aware of YouTube influencer James Klafehn. He's now the proud owner of a Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck that he says is causing him some grief. In fact, Klafehn reminds us of all the issues he had with his Tesla, and the Lightning is bringing back memories.

Klafehn is an EV owner who's into DIY projects. We actually covered some of his videos about his T-Rex project, which is a camper with a range extender that he built to tow with his Tesla Model X. While the project was super interesting, much of Klafehn's coverage ended up being about his failed Tesla experience. To make a long story short, the situation was so troubling that Tesla ended up buying back his Model X.


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WATCH: Frustrated F-150 Lightning Owner Claims His Truck Brings Back The Nightmares Of Tesla Ownership

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