When Tesla owners review other EVs, they often emphasize their honesty, fairness, unbiased coverage, and objectiveness. While there's really no need for this, they may be concerned that people can be skeptical. To be honest (see what we did there), Tesla owners should be one of the best sources for EV reviews since they have personal experience with a popular electric car. That is, if they can remain objective.

With that said, can a hardcore Tesla fan really provide an honest review of a competing EV like the Porsche Taycan Turbo? Sure they can. At least some Tesla owners seem to remain objective and honest. Others, not so much. We're not here to decide whether this review is honest or not, especially since that would be a subjective opinion. We're just here to share it with you and provide some insight so you can add it to your research and decide for yourself.


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WATCH: Tesla Owner Takes A Drive In Porsche Taycan Turbo And Gives His Honest Take On It

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