IN DECEMBER 2021, sales of electric vehicles overtook sales of diesel cars for the first time in Europe, as 176,000 EVs rolled out of car dealerships across the continent. At the same time in China, the country’s automotive industry announced that EV sales for the year had ballooned by 158 percent compared with 2020, as more than 3.5 million vehicles took to the roads.

These sales figures were not a blip. In Europe, EVs made up an estimated 14 percent of all new vehicles sold in 2021, according to the banking and financial services company ING. In China, it was 9 percent.

In the United States? Not so much. EVs made up just 4 percent of vehicles sale last year. While the world falls in love with electric cars, the US is holding out.

But at present, the future of EVs in the country appears to be dependent largely on one company. Tesla accounts for the lion’s share of EV sales in the US, whereas elsewhere competition is more diverse, even if Musk’s company still holds the top spot. And while one company dominates, the uptake of EVs is likely to be slow, fears Chintagunta. “Considering that it has been more than 10 years since the first mass-produced EV, and the ‘green’ vehicle market share is still around 5 percent, it may not be very quick.”

The 'experts' blame lack of infrastructure but why do you think the USA is rejecting EV's?

We believe it's for a totally different reason. Let's see if one or more of our Spies are savvy enough to figure it out?

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WHY Does The USA Refuse to Fall in Love With Electric Cars? America LAGS Behind The World In This Category.

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