Yesterday was an interesting day on a couple of levels.

I made my way down to the Bayonne Military Ocean Terminal so I could shoot my latest acquisition -- more about that later. After varying up the different set ups and taking in the fabulous 9/11 memorial that was given to the US as a gift from Russia, I made my way towards the port where I came across a set of graffitti'd traincars. After popping off some shots I hopped in the car and was on my way. Driving down the block I looked down a long avenue where I could clearly make out some BMW/MINI signage.

I figured it was the port where all the cars come in and thought I would check it out. After all, I am a fan of BMW products and it's loosely known that there's usually something special at BMWNA's headquarters or the port.

As I drove alongside the fence I spotted an M5, which I found cool since I haven't seen one in the flesh yet but then something else caught my eye in the sea of BMWs.

A bright, blue convertible.

Upon closer inspection it was patently obvious it was the all-new BMW M6 Convertible. Note the big brake kit with blue calipers, X6M-lookalike wheels, side skirt, quad-tipped exhaust, and what appears to be a beautiful shade of Le Mans Blue. It had a special POP to it that the M5 by the fence lacked.

That said, make sure to take a look at the three photos and one enhanced image down below of the now completely uncovered BMW M6 Convertible.


WORLD EXCLUSIVE: AutoSpies Sees The BMW M6 Convt COMPLETELY Uncovered And Has The Pictures To Prove It

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