In recent months, social media giant Facebook has come under fire for covering up truck window stickers that feature messages related to climate change. Specifically, the company has been replacing the stickers with a message that reads "Explore Climate Science Info" as if the original message was violence or nudity.

This move by Facebook has been met with criticism from environmentalists, who argue that it is a form of censorship and a blatant attempt to silence those who are trying to raise awareness about the urgent need to address climate change.

The fact that Facebook is treating these messages as if they are violence or nudity is deeply concerning.

Facebook's decision to cover up truck window stickers related to climate change with a message promoting climate science information is a form of censorship that is deeply concerning. It undermines free speech and sends a dangerous message to users. It is important for Facebook to reconsider its approach and to support the free expression of legitimate views, even if they are controversial or inconvenient.

Have you had any experience yourselves with this? And do they do this for ALL non-evs? Or just trucks?

I was in a F-150 forum and a gentleman posted a screenshot of his F-150 window sticker and this is how it displayed on FB.

WTF Is WRONG With Facebook? NOW, You Can't Even Post A Vehicles Window Sticker Without A CLIMATE WARNING Cover On It?

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