In the 21st Century, The Hoodlums who run the Ohio Supreme Court have decided to rule 5-1 to allow Cops to give tickets without the use of 21st Century Radar. Yes I repeat, tickets without Radar in the 21st Century. Pretty Draconian I know. This stems from a 2008 Copley, Ohio case where a Cop said a Man was driving too fast. When this cop did not produce evidence using radar, he estimated how fast the driver was going. Note: Police are trained to estimate a driver's speed within 3 to 4 miles an hour of accuracy.

Yeah I'm fired up, and you should be too!! If you were here you can hear all of the expletives coming out of my mouth. If they can do it in Ohio they can do it anywhere. This puts everybody's rights in Jeopardy. They can lie and abuse their power too without proof of radar, as this Alternative Automotive Journalist has first hand personal knowledge of. Just be careful while Speeding, as this is AutoSpies and I know everybody here does.

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WTF! Ohio Supreme Court Rules That Drivers Can Now Be Ticketed By Visual Guessing!

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