Despite having a glorious history, Citroën seems to be negative about following the retro-inspired trend that is popularized among EVs including the likes of the VW ID. Buzz, the Fiat 500, and the Honda e. However, that didn’t stop independent designer Dejan Hristov from proposing a reincarnation of the iconic Citroën 2CV that could return as an electric crossover with minimalist design.


Hristov admits that the 2CV has inspired many young designers, but says that most of them were afraid to stay true to the original. The same applies to Citroën’s own design studio which used elements from the 2CV in the first-generation C3, the C3 Pluriel, the 2009 REVOLTe Concept, and the more recent Ami heavy quadricycle, but never did a proper revival.

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