Electric vehicles are far from mainstream or close to reaching critical mass but you can't argue that the people who like them, aren't passionate about them and their potential.

Just a few years ago the choices could be counted on your hand and were all cars.

But today, more and more options are surfacing like the Hummer EV, CyberTruck, Rivian, etc.

So the question we have is if you were going to go electric at some point, on which side of the fence is the grass greener to YOU with NON Tesla competitive vehicles?

Is it with products like Audi e-tron, Porsche, Mustang Mach-E OR on the truck side with new toys coming from Hummer, Rivian, Electric F-150?

What Excites You MORE In Tesla ELECTRIC Competitors? Rivian/Hummer-like TRUCKS Or Audi/Porsche Cars And SUV's?

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