It is one thing when a company goes out on a limb and builds an automobile just because they can.

Take, for example, the Lexus LFA or Bugatti Veyron. These are two astonishing feats of engineering and they were built for one reason only; ego. You have to love when a company has its panties in a bunch and decides to go against the grain. The results are staggering.

But with the good comes the bad. You know, the bad apples. The ones that just couldn't really cut it. No, I am not talking Pontiac Aztek bad but we do want to know...

What three luxury models, that are expensive, leave you cold?

The kind of car that makes you scratch your head and say "pft."

The kind of expensive metal that won't even turn your head or have any appeal to you, whatsoever.

Let us know in the comments below...

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What Three Expensive Luxury Cars Impress You LEAST?

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